Crafter FAQ

Is the application online? Can I share it?
YES – The craft hotline 815-577-4444 is mostly for information. Please e-mail if you have questions.

Do I need to send pictures if I am a returning crafter?
If you are a returning crafter, we do not need photos. For all new crafters who do not provide us with a Facebook, Etsy, or website link, we reserve the right to request photos prior to acceptance into our program.

When will my check be cashed?
You may send us a check post-dated to September 1st, as checks will not be cashed until after that date due to changing board members for our Booster Programs each year.

Can I pay for my booth online or with a credit card?
Not yet but we are working on this for the upcoming shows, I will keep you posted.

Is there a place to put extra stock, so that I can make less trips to my vehicle?
Yes. We open some classroom areas around the show, but this is limited shared space, so this is at your own risk.

I have a friend who does your show, can I request to be placed next to them?
You may request a certain location, but there is no guarantee. We do our best to honor all requests, but we cannot guarantee a space location for anyone who was not in the show the year prior.

Can I have the same space?
If you were in the show the immediate year prior and you apply for the next year’s show, we will assign you the same space unless you tell us that you would like to move.  If you are a previous crafter but not in the year immediately preceding this show, your space may move but you are free to let us know your preference.

I don’t like my spot/neighbor, can I request a different location?
Please write that on the form and we will do our best to accommodate you.

I need more than one space, can I take the one next to me?
Maybe. If no one is returning to that location and if your craft fits. Just write that request on your application and we will respond to you with options when we start planning out our show.

Is there Friday night set-up?
Setup is Saturday morning from 6-9 a.m. If we are able to have Friday night setup, we will notify you the week of the show.  We do not know whether this option will be available until the week of due to post-season football schedules.

I don’t need a lot of set up time, do I need to call?
NO. If you write this on the application, I will see it there.